August 9, 2019
5 months and 21 days left
until our celebration.


We are excited to announce our ANNUAL FAMILY REUNION! This year we have a variety of activities planned and they will all take place by the sea, in Corpus Christi, Aug. 9 - 11, 2019, Friday through Sunday.

We have multiple branches of family units that fall under the Green-Smith Lineage. Our family is large and we have always had a strong tradition of togetherness. We love to celebrate our love for family.

In this hussle and bussle existence of  immediate family,  work, all tends to envelope us so much, that we tend to lose touch and sometimes forget about the other branches of the ENTIRE family.

We have aunts, uncles and cousins who have never met. Every year adds even more distance as families continue to grow; people grow older; cousins get married and have is forever progressing and before you know it, our families are 3 to 4 generations deep and we, realistically, become strangers.

Now, we are gathering up all of our branches to ensure that our  Green-Smith Family Lineage is taught and understood by the new generations.

A Yearly Celebration of Family LOVE.